• Vokkus


  • Naufal Riza F.

    Naufal Riza F.

    Who's gonna rock you When the sun won't let you sleep? Who's waking up to drive you home Who's gonna walk u Through the dark side of the morning?

  • Djiwandou Putro

    Djiwandou Putro

    Engineer, Technology Consultant, Scholarship Experts, Co-founder of rumahiot.id. Trying to be the most beneficial person by sharing my knowledge and expertise.

  • Iqbal Tawakkal

    Iqbal Tawakkal

  • Rahmat Kurniawan

    Rahmat Kurniawan

  • ibrahim kurtoglu

    ibrahim kurtoglu

  • Imam Syuhada

    Imam Syuhada

    not a sprinter but marathon learner

  • Teofilus Candra

    Teofilus Candra

    Software Engineer. Interest in inter-religious study, inter-faith peacemaker, @gusdurian. teofilus.dev

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