How to implement Cross-Platform Multiplayer


When people talk about cross-platform they’re usually referring to crossing the wall between consoles and PC, but in this article we specifically give examples of enabling cross-platform between a game publisher’s own platform (let’s call this AccelByte) and Steam. However, the same techniques can also be used to enable cross-platform play between consoles.

AccelByte and Steam builds connecting to same AB Services


First we have to know who the player is, meaning that we need to authenticate them. Each platform will have their own account system, but cross-platform means your game needs to recognize a user wherever she plays your game.

AccelByte and Steam account linking
LightFantastic on Steam
LightFantastic on AccelByte Launcher
Steam integration on AccelByte admin dashboard
Linked user account (Steam) on user interface
AccelByte SDK in LightFantastuc project structure
Full logic code can be accessed on this GitHub page.


Now that we have a game that’s able to recognize its users properly, we can leverage the unified accounts to let them play together, cross-platform.

Party chat example in LightFantastic game
Party match example in LightFantastic game
Matchmaking configuration in AccelByte admin dashboard
The match in LightFantastic sample game



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