How to enable cross-progression between generations and platforms

Cloud save

Cloud save was introduced about a decade ago, popularized by Steam and Xbox Live — it empowered players to play a game on one device, and continue it on a different one. Fast forward to today, most platforms now provide some level of cloud save — whether it’s free for all, or behind a premium membership (such as PSN and Nintendo Switch Online).

How does it work?

For most platforms, you would carry on to read and write local files using the APIs provided by the platform, and that platform will take care of uploading and doing timestamp validation on the files.

  1. Most (if not all) platforms handle cloud save per Title ID/App ID. That means that if you release a sequel to your game, that’s considered to be a separate game, which means that it will have a separate Title ID/App ID. And since one game cannot query and manage the cloud save of another game, your two games will not be able to share game progressions.

A platform-agnostic way to store your player progression

Now that you are familiar with the basics of storing player data on the backend side, we can extend that to support cross-platform, cross-gen, or even cross-titles. The key is to build a platform-agnostic solution.



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