EQU8 and AccelByte are Teaming Up to Free Your Game from Cheaters and Hackers

AccelByte Inc
2 min readJan 22, 2021

Cheaters and hackers have been a perennial obstacle in the pursuit of fair and equal multiplayer gameplay that everyone can enjoy. To protect your game from these bad actors, we are now in partnership with EQU8, who provides a lightweight anti-cheat system for online PC games.

EQU8’s client centric anti-cheat system levels up when combined with our comprehensive backend services and telemetry. EQU8 can better protect players by tapping into the rich repository of AccelByte’s platform telemetry. Identify suspicious users by correlating harmful player behavior with platform account indicators of bad intent. Proactively remove malcontents by automating account bans and empowering community managers and customer support with the tools to manage the community. Matchmake cheaters with cheaters by using EQU8 data as an input for matchmaking.

The complete list of our backend services can be found at our website. Any direct inquiry can be sent to hello@accelbyte.io.

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We are a developer of scalable, cloud-based digital publishing and game service technology. Comprising industry veterans with years of experience building and operating large scale online game publishing platforms, We empower publishers and developers to have their own platform. We are a One Stop Shop for Live Game Services.

About EQU8

EQU8 is part of Int3 Software, a company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their primary goal is to protect video games against disruptive behavior cheaters and hackers that disrupt multiplayer gameplay. The EQU8 team consists of a group of cybersecurity engineers, gamers, and ex-game hackers who are determined to improve the way we handle cheating and disruptive behavior in gaming.



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